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Manchester Beacon Final Evaluation

The Manchester Beacon was one of six collaborative centres which supported Public Engagement (PE) between universities and the public.  In Manchester, this involved a partnership between the University of Manchester (UoM), Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the University of Salford (UoS), the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), and Manchester: Knowledge Capital (M:KC).

Five objectives were articulated for the Manchester Beacon.

  • Objective 1: Public Engagement is encouraged, valued and supported.
  • Objective 2: Change perceptions and improve accessibility.
  • Objective 3: Increasing the relevance of institution activity and connectivity with communities.
  • Objective 4: Improve the opportunities for sustainable two-way learning.
  • Objective 5: Develop deeper partnership working across the Beacon partners and with the community.

The final evaluation of the Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement outlines progress against objectives, lessons learned and recommendations for the Manchester Beacon partners and funders. It also highlights advice for other Universities undergoing a culture change to embed public engagement.

This final evaluation was carried out by EKOS Ltd, and Sally Fort (, with support from the Manchester Beacon Evaluation and Impact Group. 

The study team would like to thank all those who participated, in particular the members of the Manchester Beacon Steering Board for their valuable input.


Professor Nancy Rothwell talks about the importance of public engagement and of the Manchester Beacon podcast.

The Creative Director of the Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement summarise the importance of public engagement and the difference that the Manchester Beacon has made podcast.

Direct enquiries regarding this report should be submitted to:

Madeline Smith, Head of Innovation, EKOS


Tel: 0141 353 8319

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Associated People

Erinma Ochu
Creative Director, Manchester Beacon
Role Description:
Erinma commissioned the ongoing and final evaluation of the Manchester Beacon programme.
Suzanne Spicer
Beacon Project Manager at The University of Manchester
Role Description:
Suzanne managed and monitored the ongoing and final evaluation of the Manchester Beacon programme
Sally Fort
Role Description:
Sally undertook qualitative evaluation and produced case studies for the final evaluation.
Madeline Smith, EKOS
Authored the final report
Role Description:
Undertook final evaluation and authored the report with team at EKOS


Independent review of the Beacons commissioned by RCUK:

EKOS website:

Sally Fort's website: