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Challenging perceptions

Sometimes the most exciting insights come from the most unexpected places. Not from using tried and tested methods to build on existing knowledge, but from having to re-examine not just what we know but how we came to know it. Stepping outside the comfort zone of the laboratory or lecture hall, and engaging in dialogue with seemingly unrelated worlds can be a valuable and inspiring experience, enriching and renewing the work we do.

Engaging new audiences

Building interest with groups outside our own immediate discipline helps inject life and appetite into the subject area as a whole. Reaching new groups and communities can bring renewed energy and enthusiasm, which will in turn create new avenues of development and growth for the future.

Creative learning partnerships

Collaborating with unlikely groups can broaden horizons and connect with new audiences. Mixing handicrafts with medicine, youth with experience and fiction with scientific breakthrough, for a glorious fusion of genres, ideas and creative pathways.

Opportunities and benefits

Working on new projects not only brings rewards in the short term, but can open up a series of networks and pathways that can lead to new levels of possibility and potential.


  • Great work

    by amelia, 3rd Mar 2011 17:42

    Its good to see this up and running and to see what a focus on participation can achieve!

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